90s Rally Relived

Melissa Roberts (On behalf of National SSAGO)

Friday 12th of January 2018

Now the excitement of the holidays has passed and you’ve all settled into 2018, we thought we’d give you something to smile; a reminder of rally! It may seem like a lifetime ago but it was in fact only 2 months ago that we all rocked up at Sid Vale Campsite for a weekend of 90s themed fun.

    Although most of us can barely remember the 90s, having only lived through a few years of it, the rally committee did a great job of transporting us through time with the help of some cheesy tunes and some cracking food. The traditional ceilidh was followed by a truly 90s disco featuring all the best songs from the Macarena and reach for the stars to the classic Angels, allowing us all to release our inner year 6 disco lover.

    Activities were spread across both Plymouth and Exeter and provided a break from the recurring SSAGO Monopoly run. Among the most popular were the Short hike around Sidmouth, the Exeter pub crawl and the Plymouth Gin Distillery Tour. A big shout out goes to everyone who took part in the PLUGS drinkers badge and made it back to site in one piece, although I do seem to recall a number of you looking slightly worse for wear on the coach back to camp!

    A highlight for many was the food, and I think this deserves a paragraph of its own! I think its safe to say that the committee did an amazing job with the menu, and an even more phenomenal job of producing all the food during the weekend. Potato smiles and a roast dinner were definitely not a disappointment. The addition of jelly and ice cream acted as a well-deserved energy boost before the disco and really gave the illusion of us all being massive children (even if I do recall being offered a gin infused option from the leftovers…).

    Chair of 90s Rally, Elly, would like to thank the rest of the committee for their help to pull off such a successful event and is glad the food went down so well as they all worked especially hard to ensure we all enjoyed it. She enjoyed having a more relaxed rally and seeing you all enjoy yourselves but would like to apologise again for the tea situation (although that wasn’t actually her fault!).

    We hope you all look back on Plymouth’s 90s Rally with fond memories and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at February’s Witan in a Weekend Rally in a months time! To book on, head along to rally.ssago.org!